We are a State-of-the-Art Logistic Provider

DCG’s Systems:

DCG Fulfillment has committed to a Sterling Commerce infrastructure for our warehouse management systems as well as for our EDI needs.  For over 30 years, Sterling Commerce has helped FORTUNE® 500 customers thrive in a global economy. With more than 29,000 customers worldwide, Sterling has unparalleled experience in the retail industries.  We have partnered with a top tier provider with the WMS industry that normally focuses on FORTUNE® 500 customers has positioned DCG to offer vast arrays of services that our competitors can not offer.  In short, we have a highly configurable WMS system that can be deployed to meet any our customer unique demands.  Give us a chance and I am sure how we can show the value you can gain by allowing us to service your company on a World Class warehouse management system:

Sterling nWMS provides a dashboard view of real-time warehouse activity. It places order and inventory information in the hands of operators anytime, anywhere; including, participants outside the four walls of the distribution center, such as carriers, customers and suppliers. In addition, embedded decision-support tools combine information on warehouse operations with real-time updates of activity across the supply chain, improving our ability to make continuous improvements and ensure that customer orders are accurately fulfilled.

Sterling nWMS comprises the following modules:

Module Description
Logistics Management
Manages the execution of a delivery plan accounting for complex, multi-step, multi-leg, multi-mode movement of goods.
Reverse Logistics
Delivers condition-based returns processing, including execution and management of associated processes, such as exchange orders, refurbishment and repair requests, and return disposition.
Product Management
Provides capability to improve inventory accuracy by tracking user-defined product attributes such as lot number and serial number.
Supply Collaboration
Enables the aggregation, routing and tracking of planned orders and purchase orders in an extended enterprise environment with multiple divisions and complex supplier networks.
Inbound Management
Provides comprehensive visibility to inbound shipments, pre-receiving, receiving, and put away of receipts.
Inventory & Location Management
Provides for the granular tracking of Inventory at a location, in a case or on a pallet based on item attributes, including lot number and serial number.
Outbound Scheduling & Management
Coordinates the order-release process and shipment routing, and allows the grouping of shipments and wave planning.
Carrier Server
Provides applications with an interface for their carrier-related functionality such as parcel labeling and manifesting.
Inventory Synchronization
Coordinates global inventory across multiple sites, enterprises and participants.
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