DCG Fulfillment is unique in the Third Party Logistics industry. Our roots come from a twenty-five year involvement as a major domestic manufacturer of consumer products. Having proprietary products that were sold to retailers across the country has given us first hand knowledge of what these customers expect. We have a first hand appreciation of the importance of shipping accurately and on time. In addition, we have a solid understanding of the various retailers’ compliance needs which is paramount, particularly as it relates to charge-backs. 

DCG’s background is in contrast to many of our competitors whose background is often more closely tied to the trucking and transportation industries. Having sat in Bentonville pitching Wal-Mart ourselves we know what it means to provide solid service levels to these types of customers. 


At DCG our management team, customer service representatives, warehouse associates, and support staff take the position that we are partners with our customers. We treat your business as though it were our own. All of us operate with the belief that nothing is impossible – we will go the extra mile for you. In addition our customers become our friends.

A major emphasis is to conduct our business at the highest professional levels yet maintain an easy business style that enables our customers and clients to communicate easily with us.  We bring to the table a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an attitude that nothing is impossible.  We pride ourselves in performing at levels significantly higher than even the highest expectations of our customers! 


Quality service is paramount. As a company we have created an atmosphere among our employees which encourages all of them to work as one team and to approach the warehousing and distribution functions differently than what is typically found with our competitors. We at DCG feel strongly that it is much easier to “roll-up our sleeves” and attack challenges head-on until they are resolved, versus spending effort after the fact explaining why we were not able to meet even the toughest of demands. 


At DCG we work hard to find the very best people at all positions in our company.  We feel that this recruiting effort is rewarded with the acquisition of a group of individuals who can “think on their feet” and are willing “to go the extra mile.”  They become part of our organization and are recognized as valuable members of our team.

In addition, there are many people who are poised to join DCG’s team as soon as incremental business is developed.  Most of these individuals have worked for one of our managers in the past and are anxious to come on-board as the company continues to grow.  Their experiences cover the gambit from customer service, to receiving, to data processing, to driving forklifts and pulling orders.

Not just good people but very good people are keys to DCG’s success.


Currently we operate out of six Southern California warehouses totaling over 2,500,000  square feet. These buildings are all Class A structures with ceiling clear heights ranging from 28′ to 32′. Each has extensive 100% coverage fire sprinkler systems in place with 24 hour monitoring. The systems are also tied directly to the fire departments. In addition, each of the facilities has 24/7 monitored security system in place.

Concerning additional space, we are poised to quickly add additional warehouse facilities as they are needed. All of our computer systems have been designed so that they can be easily replicated. Also, we are constantly grooming personnel throughout our organization so that a talent pool is readily available. This core of in-house help is ready to immediately staff another new building.


In summary, at DCG Fulfillment we believe we can offer:

  • Great customer service – beyond your highest expectations!
  • Ownership that is involved – always available when needed!
  • Years of experience in our field – exceptional knowledge of the market needs!
  • Reliability – every day, day-in and day-out!
  • Flexibility to handle all of your wants and needs – we do what it takes to get the job done!
  • And most of all, the most cost effective solution – at the “end of the day” we cost less!