We are a State-of-The Art Logistic Provider

DCG’s Systems:

DCG Fulfillment has committed to a Sterling Commerce infrastructure for our warehouse management systems as well as for our EDI needs.  For over 30 years, Sterling Commerce has helped FORTUNE® 500 customers thrive in a global economy. With more than 29,000 customers worldwide, Sterling has unparalleled experience in the retail industries.  We have partnered with a top tier provider with the WMS industry that normally focuses on FORTUNE® 500 customers has positioned DCG to offer vast arrays of services that our competitors can not offer.  In short, we have a highly configurable WMS system that can be deployed to meet any our customer unique demands.  Give us a chance and I am sure how we can show the value you can gain by allowing us to service your company on a World Class warehouse management system:

Sterling nWMS provides a dashboard view of real-time warehouse activity. It places order and inventory information in the hands of operators anytime, anywhere; including, participants outside the four walls of the distribution center, such as carriers, customers and suppliers. In addition, embedded decision-support tools combine information on warehouse operations with real-time updates of activity across the supply chain, improving our ability to make continuous improvements and ensure that customer orders are accurately fulfilled.

Sterling nWMS comprises the following modules: